Review: DK English for Everyone – Why I like this as a listening resource

Two books from the DK English for Everyone series

Looking for a resource to improve your listening skills and your everyday English? Then DK English for Everyone could be for you!

Students often ask me if I know of any good audio resources that they can use to improve their listening skills. I think that a lot of people will find the listening exercises given in DK English for Everyone (DK EFE) courses very useful.

What is DK EFE?

English for Everyone is a self-study course from Dorling Kindersley (DK) to learn English.

Four levels are available: Level 1 Beginner, Level 2 Beginner, Level 3 Intermediate and Level 4 Advanced.

The course books have exercises and activities that help you improve your grammar, vocabulary, listening, reading and speaking. More activities are available in their practice books.

So why am I recommending DK EFE as a listening resource?

Free audio

The audio is available for free on their website or App (from Google Play or the App Store).

Clear audio

Mobile phone showing DK EfE's audio App

The audio is very clear and very quick to access, especially via the app on a mobile phone. You just type in the number of the exercise in the book to hear the audio.

It’s easy to check the answers

After completing the listening exercises, it is easy to check the answers. There are no extra words which could cause confusion – the answers are in bold text. For example, if you are studying verbs, the verbs are in bold in the answers, so they are very easy to find.

Clear layout, useful topics

The layout is very clear. There are very good diagrams which explain the main topic (“key language”). Colour-coding and icons are also used to help you understand. The topics are really useful for everyday life.

Other benefits

Speaking Exercises

The answers to the speaking activities are given both as text and audio.


You can practice the pronunciation of new words as audio is also given for the vocabulary exercises.

The vocabulary is very useful for everyday life and the accompanying pictures are easy to understand.

Good value for money

The books are not expensive compared to other resources.

Student comments (for the Level 2 course book)

“It’s a good accompaniment to English lessons.”

“I enjoyed studying it!”

“Studying these exercises doesn’t make you feel tired.”

“It’s a good way of learning!”

So, in conclusion, I recommend DK EfE as a resource to improve your English listening skills and your everyday English.

Please note: The audio transcripts are only available in the Teacher’s Guide.

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